Sunday, May 31, 2009


This morning I found out that Tucker Beam, a third grader from my school, lost his fight with cancer.  I was so broken hearted.  When I hear things like this, it always makes me wonder about God's role in our lives.  Knowing Tucker has changed my life.  His family is so strong in their faith that it truly has inspired me.  I have been praying so much for this family and yet the life of someone so young was taken.  I know that it is not God that does these things but I know that he could stop them.

We went to church and in class we talked about being content with our lives.  Tom and I have been talking about this a lot lately.  With me out of work, we don't know what God has in store for our lives or what he wants us to do.  We really feel he is telling us that we truly have all we need and that I need to stay home and raise our children.  With all that has happened with Tucker, I feel like I need to be home and raise my children.  It is not often that people get the opportunity to be with their kids all the time.  Maybe this is my opportunity and God is showing me the way.  

I have such a heavy heart right now thinking about what would happen to Tom and me if we lost one of our children.  I pray for understanding, compassion, and healing for the Beam family.  I hope they know how much their son has inspired in so many.  I hope I will never forget this family and the hope and encouragement they have given me.  Thank you Tucker for being a true inspiration of God's hope and faith.  You will be missed by many!


Ryla said...

I know that it can be hard to find out that you do not have a job! And hard to try to figure out what God has in mind. I know that I was feeling that way last year, and I always planned on staying home with our kids. But it didn't happen in the way I thought it would, but it has all worked out great. I still wonder why it all happened the way it did, but am so glad that the choice was made for me. God does have a plan and it will work out so great. Just cherish all the great moments you will have with Jonas and Tinzley!!