Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat Take One

 Getting some candy
 Little Bo Peep
 The soccer player
 She held this balloon and her bucket and walked around by herself almost the entire time.  It was so funny!
Grandma helping out.
We went trunk or treating this past Sunday at the church where my Mom works and I am currently subbing.  Our church has trunk or treat this upcoming Sunday so we are going to be candied out pretty soon!   The kids had SO much fun.  Tinzley was so funny at first because she would take the candy, say "tank u", and then hand the candy right back.  After about 5 or 6 cars she realized she got to keep the candy in her bucket and then she was off.  She just kept grabbing the candy out of the same basket and putting it in hers.  She was so cute in her outfit and managed very well in all three layers.  My Mom made the outfit and I am SO happy with it.  Jonas had fun too but was not as interested in the candy as he was in going down the inflatable slide.  We also got to go on a hayride around the parking lot and watch a little bit of Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin.  It was so much fun to just get to hang out with the family and have some old fashioned halloween fun!
We cannot wait to repeat it with our own church family this Sunday!
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jonas turns 4! ALL ABOARD!

All of the BIG 4 year olds!

Little miss cutie herself!  If you like that skirt, I can make you one ;)

The SILLY 4 year olds!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!  He actually smiled this year instead of crying!  I was pretty proud of him.  He really is getting SO big!

What is a train party without a train pinata?

Or a train cake?
Jonas turned the big 4 yesterday and had a GREAT train birthday party!  He had most of his sunday school friends come and they played outside in the gorgeous weather.  We had pizza, cake, and ice cream!  The theme of course was trains because if you have ever talked to Jonas you know about his LOVE for trains!  :)
Jonas is changing everyday!  He is playing soccer, and going to preschool five days a week.  Three days a week he comes with me to Homewood Day School and the other days he goes to a local preschool 5 min from our house.  He loves going to preschool where mommy and Grandma work but still is not so sure about the other one.  His main interests is trains.  He is really good at building tracks.  He also has an imaginary friend named Carkey.  Carkey does not go to church, he is sometimes at school, he has a swimming pool and a soccer goal.  Sometimes I think this is Jonas' alter ego because Carkey gets into trouble a lot, according to Jonas.  Something that Jonas is not lacking is an imagination!  He has crazy stories to tell and will talk to anyone who will listen and he is comfortable with!  Jonas is really doing a lot better about not throwing fits but he does have some anger/frustration issues.  He usually says he wants to tear things up or hit things that he does not want to do.  Example: ME: "Jonas it is time to go to church"  Jonas: " I am going to hit my church"
Nic and Vanessa got to visit and they thought these conversations were, not so much! :)
Jonas is COMPLETELY potty trained through the night and has little to no accidents.  He dresses himself, brushes his own teeth, picks out his clothes, tells me what he wants in his lunch, puts his dishes away, and cleans up his room (okay that last on is a total lie)  HAHA!
Jonas LOVES music.  He likes all kinds of it too.  He loves to watch music videos on YOUTUBE.  His favorite right now is the Numa Numa song.  He also likes to listen to the GLEE soundtrack but also enjoys some enrique inglesias and eminem.  Such great things that he is being exposed to, I know!
He picks up on everything that is said around him and still LOVES any attention he can get from anybody.  When he is around new people he talks like a baby which is AWESOME, (sarcasm, big time here)  He also says sometimes he wishes he was the baby and does not want to be a big boy.  This is only because he thinks Tinzley has it SO easy!  
He really is a good kid even though he is LOUD and obnoxious sometimes.  He surprises us everyday with new things he has learned and he always makes me laugh with a new story he has to tell!
I cannot believe how much time has gone by and how fast it goes.  I was just thinking about when we moved here Jonas was only 9 months old.  SO crazy!
Happy Birthday Jonas!  We love you!