Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Night!

Tinzley is spoiling us again.  

We had a pretty uneventful night last night.  Tinzley was awake for a really long time.  She just would not take a nap last night.  She was awake from 3:30ish to 8:15 when we put her down for the night.  She slept from 8:15ish to 2:45.  I could not believe it!  She did not want to go back to sleep for about an hour.  She finally went back to sleep around 3:45.  She slept until 7:45 this morning.

Jonas woke Tom up around 6:15 but he let me sleep until Tinzley woke up.  I made breakfast this morning.  It is the first time I have cooked in 2 weeks!

We have been so blessed by the people at church!  We also have been blessed by one of our neighbors who was also my sub.  She has brought almost all of my stuff home from school and I do not know how we will repay her and her husband!