Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Second Night

Well, I think Tinzley finally decided to wake up.  It happened to be last night at 11:30.  She woke up ate and then was not content to do anything but be held and walked around.  I gave her another bottle at 2:00 and she finally conked out until 5:30.  This morning she took her bottle great and of course drifted off to sleep with no problems at 6:10 and is still sleeping.  What a little stinker.  :)

We will see what our day brings.

Jonas is loving having his Grandma here.  He does not want Tom and I to do a whole lot with him.  It is all Grandma.  
She is such a great help.  I feel so blessed to have all of this help here.
We also have been blessed with people showering us in pink clothes and tons and tons of food.  Tom knows we are not going to be able to eat it all.  

We love you all and thank you for the prayers and comments.  I am loving having a little girl to dress up!  


Ryla said...

It will get better! She just has to keep you on your toes!!

Tofani's Kids said...

I love this Kortney. Of course nothing is as good as seeing you all in person, but at least I can get my fix in between. I want a blog. Teach me!!!

Nathan Williams said...

Very cool, guys. I'll be following your blog.

God bless you with the new little one!


SarahBeth said...

I want to shower her in pink things as well !! Hope you're able to sleep some time soon !