Sunday, June 28, 2009

Enjoying Summer

I have some pics from our last week.  We went to the library on Wednesday.  We did not do anything too exciting Thursday or Friday but Tinzley had some good nights which was wonderful.  She also had a good night last night.  
We went to the pool on Saturday while my mom watched Tinzley.  It was so nice to get to spend some time with Jonas and lay out by the pool.  Tom and I both got burned!
We also have gotten to go outside and play in the water and take some walks.  It has been so hot here it is hard to get outside and play but we try any chance we get.

My mom and I also painted the kitchen brown and another wall connecting our dining room and living room green.  It looks so great!

My mom is here one more week and then her, myself, and the kids are headed up to Wisconsin for two weeks.  I know we will survive but it will be interesting without Tom there to help me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rough couple of days...

It has been a rough couple of days or should I say nights here in the Phifer house.  Tinzley has not wanted to sleep at night or in the afternoon.  She just wants to sleep on us or in our bed.  We do not know if she is going through a growth spurt or is way too hot to get comfortable.  Tom and I have not gotten much sleep in the last 3 or 4 days and it is wearing on us.  I had a really rough night last night with just being tired, hungry, anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  I am trying to focus on positive things to help me get through this rough patch.  I know newborns can get off schedule and have things interrupt their routines but I am hoping this will end soon and we can get back to how she was for the first 5 1/2 weeks.  

In other news my mom (and me when I get a chance) has been busy in the kitchen painting.  My kitchen is now a lovely shade of brown.  I LOVE IT!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day in the Pool

Jonas had a play date today with a friend.  They played in the pool that we have at our house and had so much fun!  It was nice to be able to get outside and run off some energy.  It has been so hot here he has not been outside very much.  I had fun having adult time too!  Thanks to Andrea for coming over and hanging out with us!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

McWane Center

We took Jonas to the McWane Center yesterday and he had so much fun.  We ran into some guys from Star Wars that he was not so fond of but got a picture anyway.  He loved playing in the water and playing a little mini golf.  I walked around with Tinzley the whole time in a snugli and she was content to sleep which was nice.

After about 2 hours of fun we went to eat at Johnny Ray's which is so delicious.  Then we came home and Jonas and Tinzley took good naps.  I know I was exhausted.

I also forgot to take Tinzley's picture yesterday
.  She has reached 6 weeks.  It seems like it has gone by so fast.  She was sleeping really well, all through the night, for about a week.  She then decided to start waking up again, only once in the night.  Well Thursday it took Grandma getting her to sleep at midnight.

Last night she was a perfect angel and slept from 9:30-6:30.  I can only hope there is more to come!  :)  

My mom is going to be here for another 2 weeks and then I am off to visit them in Wisconsin with 2 kids by myself.  I am a little nervous!

Here are some pictures of our fun trip!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hanging with Pawpaw

My parents got in Saturday morning.  Jonas has been loving his life ever since.  He loves hanging with his Grandma and Pawpaw.  

They have been staying busy helping us around the house and with the kids.  My dad and I packed up the rest of my school stuff and brought it all home.  I no longer have to go to that school!  YEAH!  

My mom and I took the kids to the library this morning and then to Wal-Mart.  Jonas was a crazy man as per usual and Tinzley was a perfect angel who slept the whole time.

Here are some pics of my 
dad with the kiddos!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was going through Jonas' clothes the other day and came across 24 month onesies he has worn like once or twice.  Tinzley wears a onesie every night as her PJ's so I decided to put both of them in onesies and get some pics.  Jonas looked so funny!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Day

We had a very eventful day today!  We desperately needed to go to the grocery store.  Tom and I had not had time to go together with the whole family so I decided to brave it alone.  Tinzley slept the whole night last night, 10 hours!  So I decided she would probably be okay to go.  She was awake and pretty much content the whole time.  Jonas was a big help jumping off and on the cart trying to get stuff to put in the cart.  :)  He really was not that bad but he did keep jumping off and on the cart.  So we survived, got everything on our list, got home and got it all put away!  Success!

Then I had a friend ask us to the pool today.  I was really nervous about taking the two kiddos by myself.  We ended up stopping by the library dropping our books off and heading over to the pool.  We got there and Tinzley woke up so I attempted to put her to sleep while Jonas was ready for the pool.  She slept a little bit outside but I was afraid she was getting too hot so I put her inside and she slept just a little bit more and then it was time to eat.  I fed her while Jonas swam around like a fish with our friends.  He then got totally freaked out by a bug in the water and when I say freaking out, I mean screaming his lungs out.  So silly, that boy.  After that it all went down hill.  Tinzley was fussy, Jonas was scared of the bugs in the water and all I wanted to do was relax by the pool.

Well, we left pretty soon after that and now they are both taking well deserved naps!

I do not know when I will try the pool again on my own.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Smiles

In the last couple days Tinzley has been smiling every now and then.  She smiles a lot in the morning right after she wakes up.  This seems to be her happiest time of the day.  She smiles when I brush her cheeks and talk to her.  She has also smiled when she heard Jonas talking.  She smiled at Tom last night at the dinner table.  

She also is still sleeping really well.  The only time she really cries is in her car seat.  She will take the pacifier in the car seat which helps, everyone. :)
Here are some pics of a few smiles I have gotten on camera.

Monday, June 8, 2009

One Month Old

It has been one month since Tinzley was born.  So much has happened and it feels like it has gone by so fast.

Tinzley is sleeping through the night sometimes, which is nice.  She only gets up once a night when she does wake up.  I have seen some smiles coming out of her so I am super excited about that.  She has taken to a pacifier but only sometimes.  She does not enjoy eating as much as her brother did.  When she is done eating, she is done.  She does not cry a whole lot except when in the car seat.  She does not enjoy getting in her car seat either.  She gets anxious when her brother is running around screaming.  She enjoys watching everything that is going on around her.  She really likes to listen to music.  I love rocking with her and singing to her because she seems to be so calm when I do this.  She seems, according to Tom, to prefer her Mom.  She seems to calm instantly when I take her from him when she is upset.  I am excited to see how she continues to grow and change.  I have pictures but my camera died so I am waiting for the batteries to charge.

We are off to a friend's house today to play in their pool.  Should be fun!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new habit?

We had an okay night last night.  She went down very easy at 8:20ish.  She slept until around 2:00.  Then ate and did not want to go back down.  I rocked her to sleep and she finally went around 3:30.  She got up at 6:00, of course, like every day.  Tom took her and let me sleep another hour and a half.  Then my other child came in and told me to Wake Up Mommy!  Again, I will sleep someday right?

So we had a good morning.  Tinzley was awake for a little over two hours.  She then was ready for a nap but of course did not want to get put down for one.  That is when I had the crazy idea of giving her a pacifier.  We have tried this a couple of times to get her to calm down but it has always made her more mad so... needless to say I was desperate.  She took it and sucked on it until she drifted off into a deep sleep.  This makes me happy that she took a good nap (3 hours) but do I want her to get hooked on a pacifier?  Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.  When she is two I may be shooting myself!

Here is a pic with her and her new friend.

Friday, June 5, 2009

4 weeks old!

The last 2 weeks seem to have flown by.  I do not think I could have said that with Jonas.  

Tinzley has just gone with me and Jonas everywhere.  We have gone to the library many times, the zoo, to the park, numerous walks around the neighborhood, and so much more!  She is going to have to learn fast to keep up with that crazy brother of hers.  

She has slept through the night the last two nights.  I am not getting my hopes up that this will happen all the time.  It could be because we put her on her tummy.  Although last night she was kind of her side and tummy if that is possible.  She still does not necessarily want to go to sleep when we do but when she sleeps 7-8 hours you cannot complain about anything she does.  She also is pretty content during the day with very little crying or fussing.  Tom is better at letting her cry and fuss a little than I am.  I was the same way with Jonas too.  I just do not like hearing my babies cry but I am much better with her.  

I cannot wait until next week when my parents get here.  My mom will be here for 3 weeks.  It will be so nice to have someone with me in all of my daily outings.  Although I think I am getting a pretty good routine down.  Jonas just scares me to death because he is always 10 steps behind me.  I guess I will get used to him walking behind me until I have a free hand to hold. 

4 weeks?  I still cannot believe it.  The next big milestone for me is 6-8 weeks.  Then we are smooth sailing right?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tummy Time!

It seems that our children are all about the tummy sleeping.  I had such a bad headache last night and Tom and I at our wits end to get our child down to sleep at night this week.  Finally I said I am putting her on her tummy.  She slept 9:30-6:00!  I dont know if we are going to do this every night but I had to get some sleep last night and apparently so did Tinzley.  

We are going to the library again today.  This time for a different type of storytime.  We will see how it goes.  

I had to take Tom to work today because we had to take the Corolla to the shop.  (Hopefully, nothing really wrong with it)  So, we have already been to Tom's work twice because I forgot my house key.  Then we went to Target and shopped around.  Jonas and I got chicken biscuits from Chick Fil A and now we are home waiting for Tinzley to wake up to eat so we can go to the library.  We will see what the day and night bring today!

We wish everyone else a great day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I took Jonas and Tinzley to storytime this morning at the Pelham library.  I really want to start going every Wednesday so that Jonas can get used to it.  He was not into the standing, singing, and wiggling but he did enjoy listening to the story, snack, and the bean bags.  He is a work in progress to not make him like his dad.  I love you, Tom but I dont want our child to be afraid of being silly with other kids!!!!  :)

We then headed over to our friend and neighbor, Catherine's house.  She was nice enough to let us barge in on her and just hang out for a couple hours.  

Both of my children woke up around 5:30 this morning.  This did not make me too happy to start my day.  Tinzley has now been sleeping most of the day which worries me that she has gotten her nights and days mixed up.  I really hope not because that was awful when Jonas had his nights and days mixed up.  I did not know after almost 4 weeks this could still happen!

Tinzley also, I think, is going to be a tummy sleeper.  She sleeps on her side most of the time but to get her to go to bed that first part of the night I have been putting her on her tummy.  We had to do this with Jonas so it does not make me as nervous as it did with him but I was hoping to not have to resort to that.  Oh well!  She slept 5 hours last night and then only 2 but we will keep working on it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zoo Trip

Tinzley had a better night last night than the night before but still she is not wanting to go down.  I finally put her on her tummy and patted her to sleep.  She slept about 3 hours and then went back to sleep and slept another 4.  So not a bad night, but not great either.  

We had a play date to go to the zoo today with some friends.  We had such a fun time walking around and looking at the animals.  Tinzley slept for most of the walk around the zoo.  We headed over to the children's zoo part where there is water fountains to play in.  Jonas LOVED it.  We have tried to go before and play in the water but he was never a fan but not today.  I was so glad he did not throw a fit when we left.  He took it pretty well.  I did not get a lot of pictures because my camera's batteries were practically dead.  I did get a few.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

We had our first Doctor's appointment today.  Tinzley did well but did not like all the poking and prodding.  She weighs 8lbs and 13 oz.  She is 21.5 inches long.  The doctor seemed happy with how she is growing and everything seems good.  

We had our first really rough night with Tinzley.  I put her to bed like normal at 8:30.  She woke up at 9:15 and would not go back down.  She did not want a bottle, she did not want to sleep.  She was just awake.  Finally, after Tom and I traded her back and forth, I brought her in the bed to sleep with us around 11:30.  She slept okay in the bed but I did not get very good sleep.  I am afraid we may have another tummy sleeper.  I am just praying this was a one night thing.  She has done so well for three weeks.  

I know this is all normal newborn baby stuff but I really want to have a good attitude about staying home and taking care of the kids.  This will all start to get hard if I do not get good sleep.  I have learned I do not function well on no sleep.  I start yelling and screaming and crying for no reason at all.  We do not want that to happen!  :)

I am praying for a peaceful, restful night for all!