Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Night

We had a good night last night.  Tinzley slept about 5 hours the first stretch of the night.  She then did not want to go back down so Tom and I traded her back and forth trying to get her down.  She finally went down and slept about 3 more hours.  I am excited she is sleeping that big  chunk at the beginning of the night.  That helps out a lot.  It is amazing how great 4 hours of sleep feels.  

I have both kids home this morning.  It is the first test of how well this is all going to work.  I am looking forward to Tom being home for a three day weekend.  My mom is also coming back in three weeks so I am also excited about that!  

Jonas is playing in his room right now.  Tinzley is just laying on her fishy mat staring.  I doubt they are going to make it this easy all the time.  :)

Did I mention Tinzley is two weeks today?!

I am excited to go to lunch with my team today!  

Thanks to all of you praying for us!  I know I appreciate it.  I feel like I am in a constant prayer with God asking for strength and patience.  I know I need it.  Also, I wish my emotions would get back on track soon.  I feel like a big ball of mush!


Kim said...

I love reading your ramblings! Since I haven't even seen Tinzley yet, I feel like it keeps me a little bit up on your life :) You're going through a lot right now--Courtney--big changes. I seriously am praying for you! And I'm dying to come and see you, Tinzley and Jonas (and Tom too!) soon. We leave for Virginia for the wedding next tuesday!! I can't believe it's already here. I probably won't get to see Tinzley till after we're back (I'm in full-fledged chaos right now, of course)---and I'm so bummed; but at least you'll show me tons of pictures.