Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finding my way

I love this blog thing!  I look forward to writing on here everyday.  I am sure some people dont enjoy reading all of my ramblings by I enjoy writing them.

I had a little bit of a break down yesterday when Tom got home.  I know I am emotional because my body has some adjusting to do.  I am also worried about Tinzley and Jonas and me staying home by myself.  If you know me, I do not do well staying home with no adult communication.  So far, that has been fine.  I am also so stressed about losing my job.  So many questions, what am I suppose to do, what if we dont have enough money, what about insurance, am I suppose to stay home, am I suppose to find a job?!?!?!  Who knows?  I keep praying about it and it just all makes my stomach hurt!  I KNOW THERE IS A PLAN!  I just wish I knew what it was.

On the other side of things, Jonas is being pretty good.  He is a typical 2 year old sometimes but he really isnt any worse than before Tinzley.  Tinzley has been a pretty good baby so far as well.  She is sleeping really well, eating well(not as much as Jonas but that kid was a pig), and she is generally in a content mood most of the time.  She seems to enjoy listening to all the many sounds that go on in our house.  

Please pray for me and my crazy emotional, worried self!  Please pray we will see the plan God has for us.  Please pray we make the right decisions for our family!
Thanks so much for reading and listening!  


Ryla said...

I LOVE YOU!! And you are in our prayers, I know it is not easy but it will all work out. Or you could move to NE and we could just hang out during the day, I would love to have someone to talk too! :)

Phifer Family said...

ME TOO! I miss you so much! It is funny I am now in this position to stay home. I never even thought about it before!