Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pics of the Walker

I know she is not walking in this pic but she just has some really great expressions :) 

Taking some tentative first steps...

Wearing her new walking shoes... :)
Ready for our first soccer game.  My Mom has the other pics of Jonas in his uniform.  He was not thrilled about getting on the field and playing but eventually got out there and ran around a little bit.  It was very HOT and humid but we had a very successful first game.  They dont keep score but....our team WON.... HAHA!  

Friday, September 10, 2010


Jonas started playing soccer about three weeks ago and I volunteered to be the Assistant head coach...I know I have nothing else to do right?  It has been a lot of fun but Jonas is still a little clingy to me when we are on the field.  We have our first game tomorrow morning so that should be EXTREMELY interesting!  We have yet to really get him shin guards, or socks that really fit.  His legs are just so skinny and short.  HAHA!  It is also funny how much they do not understand about not touching the ball with their hands.  Like I said, the first game should be interesting!
I also have been working like a crazy person!  I have been working at the Homewood Day school mon and wed afternoons while the kids go home with my mom.  I also am working every other weekend right now at JCPenney.  I am still cleaning my friend Jodi's house every other week and then next Tuesday I will start doing the nursery during Ladies Bible Class at our church.  
Jonas is going to school two days a week and I have been trying to get Tinzley out to her very own storytime on Tues mornings.  She is SO cute but I can tell she misses Jonas when he is gone.  Jonas has become obssessed with Little Einstein's.  Seeing as we do not have cable we just rent the DVD's from the library. 
Tinzley also FINALLY started walking!!!  It only took her 16 months!  I will try and get some pics and video soon.  I should not say she has started walking...I should say she is starting to take her very first steps on her own.  We also FINALLY bought her new walking shoes.  Hopefully this helps the process.  :)
I am sorry I have been so behind on posting.  LIFE IS CRAZY!  I am trying to figure out what I really want to do when these kids are not going to need me so much anymore....I am also still trying to figure out life after having no full time job and life after my trip to Guatemala.  
The kids are SO good and SO happy.  Jonas has been pretty good lately.  Tinzley was a little cranky for awhile because she was getting all 4 molars and other teeth all at the same time.  Once all of those popped through she was back to her old self again!
I am trying to get back into the routine of school time again with so many of our friends back in school.  I am trying to get our church group back to seeing each other and trying to stay on top of back to school events, church events, birthday parties (One big one coming up soon, THE BIG 4 for Jonas, WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?)  Fall is SUCH a fun time of year.  I am looking forward to football, pumpkins, and trick or treating!  Then it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it!  Time sure does go by TOO fast!