Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOST and another incredible night!

Tom and I decided to take a chance and not go to bed when the kids did.  We have been wanting to watch LOST.  Well, Tinzley lasted about 30 min.  We gave her more to eat and then we had a little scare.  She choked on the bottle and we had to take a little break because we were both freaked out.  Jonas has never ever choked in two and a half years so it was a little scary.  She seemed fine after awhile but I held her while we watched the rest of LOST.

LOST was so great!!!  I am wondering where this final season will take us.  Juliet falling down the well and living?  I could not believe it!

Tinzley went to sleep around 9:15 and slept until 3:30.  She ate again and went to sleep around 3:50 and slept until I woke her up to get her ready for church.  

She slept all through church and woke up a little during class.  We all went to Cracker Barrel to take my Mom out for brunch.  She ate her bottle and slept through our brunch.  We are all home now and Jonas is getting ready for a nap and Tinzley will hopefully take one too!

Grandma is leaving soon and we are really going to miss her!  Thanks for all of your help, Mom!!!

Thanks to all of those who read my ramblings.  It is a good way to process the days.  It also gives me something to look forward to!

We love you all and thank you for all the prayers we know people are saying for our new growing family!


Ryla said...

Those scares when they choke are no fun, Judson does that a lot! I am not looking forward to when he starts teething because it will probably get worse! I hope that things are going well with your mom gone and I am so happy that Tinzley has continued to sleep well. Maybe she will be like Judson and stay a good sleeper, he went 10 hours the other night and I had to wake him up to feed him even then:)