Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waking Up The Neighborhood!

Well, we made it to church last night. Tinzley had to go down to the nursery with me and she passed out for the rest of the time.  When we got home we were trying to get everyone to bed.  She did not want to eat too much so she went down easy around 9:00ish.  She slept until 12:45.  She then was awake until 2:15.  She only slept until 4:45 and went back down around 5 and was awoken by Jonas around 7.  I think that is the worse night she has had so far.  I still wont complain because I did get some sleep.  

We have had a busy morning already.  We took Jonas to daycare and then I wanted to pick something up for his teacher because tomorrow is his last day.  We went to a bakery and bought her gift and I tried to feed Tinzley.  She was not real interested so I moved on to my second errand.  I needed to close my bank account.  Well, she was not happy on that ride over.  When I got there she had settled herself and took some more bottle.  Now, we are home and I am hoping she will take a nap and I will join her!  

We miss you and love you all!!!  Keep praying for us!  Thanks!