Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had no rain for Halloween but it was cold, for down here anyway. I had Tinzley all wrapped up and put Jonas in long sleeves. Jonas of course did not seem to notice the temperature and loved going Trick or Treating. He got the hang of what to say after a few houses, Trick or Treat and then Thank You. It amazes me the amount of people who do not say these things and walk all over people's lawns... anyways.
Here are some pics from our night. It was so nice to spend the day together and go out trick or treating and then snuggling at home after.

Pumpkin Carving

We finally carved our pumpkins this morning. Jonas helped by watching and telling me what to do. He did not want to get his hands dirty. He is going to have a lot of trouble when Kindergarten rolls around. :)
Here are some pics

Friday, October 30, 2009

Zoo trip!

We went to the zoo on Thursday with Jonas' friend Rylie (I hope I am spelling that right?) and her mom Stacey. We had so much fun. Both kids were great and Tinzley did an awesome job just hanging out in the stroller. I would say the highlight was when the Tiger started roaring when we walked by. Jonas told us that he was saying "oww". :)

Jonas is so excited for Halloween. We are praying for good weather because we are suppose to get rain. I told Tom I remember Trick or Treating in the snow so that I guess we should just be thankful it is warm and rainy. :)

Tinzley is getting so big. She is almost six months. She is eating a lot better. She is almost sitting up where you can leave her. (She does sit up but I am still too nervous to let her just sit up on her own anywhere). Jonas cannot leave her alone but as much as we yell at him about being gentle and being not so in her face, she smiles and laughs. She LOVES her big brother. She also is babbling a lot and loves her exersaucer. She stands straight up and down and it makes me wonder if she is going to walk before she crawls which I have seen no interest in moving while laying down.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Preview

Go Grease Lightning!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We had such a wonderful trip to Arizona. I have fallen in love with the west and its beautiful scenery and weather!!!

Here is a little run down of what we did.
Tuesday we flew in and arrived safely. The kids did great and adjusted to the time difference very well. Tinzley had a rough first night sleeping but we did get a some sleep.

Wednesday was relaxing because we stayed at home while everyone else went off to work and school. That night Rachel had soccer and dance and I went with Bessie to her dance lesson. I enjoyed the time out with the girls. :)

Thursday we took a little trip out to Tombstone, AZ. I took my kids to a gun fight show. I would NOT recommend this for three year olds. Tinzley did better than Jonas. Jonas was just real quiet through the whole thing and then when it was over looked at me with a quivering lip and said 'They put their guns away now'

Friday was just a chill at the house day. We had fun hanging out with the kids after school and playing Wii.

Saturday we went to Rachel and Isaiah's soccer games. It was so fun to go and see them play. Rachel's team did so well but lost. She almost had 2 or 3 goals but could not get it in the goal. Isaiah's team played well also. Before his game I told him he owed me 2 goals and he delivered. His team won 6-1.
Also, Dave took my mom and me to Katchner Caverns. It is a living cave in Arizona and it was pretty cool. I have no pictures because they are not allowed and also the kids, Jonas and Tinzley, are not allowed to go either. Rachel did go with us and I enjoyed getting to be silly with her and listen to my Ipod and rock out to some High School Musical.

Sunday we went to church and then came home, ate and off to a pumpkin patch. I know, a pumpkin patch in the middle of the desert? But it was great.
We went with all of Bessie's family and had a great time. Jonas had some little friends to play with. After the pumpkin patch we went to an Apple orchard. Then it was back home for some food and hang out time. Sunday was probably my favorite day.

Monday we just hung out at the house and got ready to go home.
Today we woke up at 5:40 and took the Shuttle to the airport. Got on the plane at 7:45, Mountain Standard Time, and arrived in Memphis at 12:40, CST. We got on another plane at 3:10 and arrived in Birmingham at 4:00. When we landed in Phoenix an older woman turned around and looked at me and said, 'You have wonderfully behaved children.' I told her thank you and thought to myself how lucky I was because they are.

We had a great time and I cannot wait to visit again and take Tom. I would live there in a heartbeat to be near my brother. Also, if we had jobs, a house, and an easier way to move than the usual way. We just did that almost 3 years ago.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Matching PJs!

This one is my favorite!
Both looking and smiling... AMAZING!

Well, we have our three year and 4 (technically 5) month old appointments tomorrow. Then we are leaving at 4:45 AM on Tuesday to fly to Arizona. We will leave Birmingham at 6:25 AM and get to Phoenix at 11:00 (1:00 our time) AHHHH! PLEASE pray for a safe arrival and that everything goes smoothly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sitting Up

Here are some pics of Tinzley trying to sit up. She is amazing me everyday! I cannot believe she is almost sitting up already. This week she sat in a high chair at Olive Garden and sat in a shopping cart at JCPenney. Where did my baby go?


I made Tinzley a little Colts outfit so I dressed the three of us in our Colts clothes Sunday night after their big win!

Look who is sitting up!

Jonas did NOT want his picture taken. Finally got one where he was looking.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jonas turns 3

Happy third birthday Jonas!
I know what you are thinking, a donut for breakfast? Yeah, but he also ate a banana :)
You just turned three. You are a delight to be around... most of the time :) You make your dad and me laugh all the time with the crazy and silly things you say. I love how you get so excited about friends coming over and when you see 'punkins'. I would say if you had to pick a best friend it would be Tess. Your favorite color changes but most of the time it is either green or yellow. You are almost fully potty trained. You have trouble remembering to go potty when you are so excited about playing. You try to do things by yourself but get frustrated very easily! You have yet to have any interest in dressing yourself or picking out your own clothes... which I am fine with right now but someday I hope you dress yourself. You always put your plate on the
counter when you are done eating and it is one of my favorite things you do! You like your
sister most of the time and SHE LOVES YOU!!! You go to sleep around 9 and wake up around 7:30. You take a nap most days and it lasts around 2 hours. You often ask Why, What you said?, You, want to do that?. I love when you tell me 'You are doing a great job'. You also pretends to talk to your Uncle David on the phone and you have only met him twice, when you were three months old and 15 months old. You know your shapes, your colors, some numbers and some letters. You can spell your name. You love ToyStory 1 and 2, Cars, and Aladdin. You often quote these movies which makes me so proud :) We love you and are ready for whatever you are up to next!

I do not have a ton of pictures from Jonas' birthday party but I will! Here are a few from his party and him playing with his toys.

He had a fantastic party. We had about 30 people here including us, kids, and adults. He had a great time playing outside with his friends. He was so excited about his cake and he did a great job blowing out his candles. It was after he blew out all of his candles and everyone clapped that he totally lost it. I have not decided if he was scared, embarrassed, or just could not handle all of the attention at once. He got over it and continued to enjoy having his friend over. We asked for no gifts so there was no big opening gifts ceremony but thank goodness since he cannot handle blowing out his candles in front of everyone :)

He was so good yesterday with no accidents and no fits. TODAY has been a completely different story. I am hoping it is just after party withdrawal.

We also have enjoyed my Mom being here. We got to go to a football game Friday night with Jonas and friends from church. She also was a HUGE help in party setup and take down. She is going to be helping me out a ton this week and then we are off to Arizona.