Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch. Jonas loved every second of it! We are also excited to find out that this place sells Christmas trees. We will definitely be coming back!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grabbing the Toes

I cannot believe Tinzley is grabbing her feet already. Jonas did not do this until 6 months!

I finally got some pics of her grabbing em!
(It is usually at diaper changing time and that is not the most convenient time to take pics)

Also, playing catch up a little bit...
Jonas has been having accidents like crazy which is driving me crazy :(, Tinzley is the happiest baby I think I have ever seen, I am trying to work out everyday to keep myself sane (it really seems to help my mood a ton), and I am really trying to stay busy with all of my ways to make money.
We are excited for my mom coming and our trip to Arizona that happens in three weeks!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Dresses and Skirts

Halloween Skirt
Roll Tide Dress

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cuttin and Pastin

Jonas is in love with his scissors. Tonight he got the crazy idea he wanted to cut something. Tom kept trying to focus his energy on something else but it just was not happening. Finally Tom said why don't you get with Mom she is more crafty. Well, I put my teacher tools to work. I went online and found some halloween/pumpkin activities to print out. (Have I mentioned the boy LOVES pumpkins?)So I printed out a coloring page, a handwriting page, a pumpkin windsock, and a jack o lantern cut and paste. (Yes, I know, I am that cool) :)

So here are some pics of our cutting and pasting time. I will admit there was a little help in the cutting department but for not even being three yet he did pretty well. Who knew cutting was such hard work.

Jonas with his windsock, that he tried to put on his foot. I said it was a sock right? :)

Gluing all by himself. (Notice the mouth on the pumpkin)

Putting on the finishing touches
Finished Product. So proud.
(Now see where the mouth is, he had to fix it. OCD child here we come)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am really trying to get Tinzley to hold her own bottle. She has started grabbing for everything that gets put in front of her face. It is so cute.

Today at story time I looked down at her and she had her foot. Jonas did not do that until 6 months. I cannot believe this kid!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yummy Breakfast and Cute Outfit

I found a new recipe on a blog I follow this morning. I had all of the ingredients so I thought I would try it out. It was called Mini Maple Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins. (sounds good right)So I made them for Jonas and myself. Here are some pics of us enjoying them. The best part was when Tom came home and tried one and said "They kind of taste like pancakes?" Perfect!

I do not know if I have mentioned this about Tinzley. She has started eating food, sorry no pics yet because I am usually the one feeding her and I am usually by myself while doing it. Also, she is not the best eater yet so it is just enough to get her fed than trying to get pictures while doing it. She has eaten carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. Applesauce is definitely the favorite so far. I have been mixing it with rice cereal, which she hated by itself. I really don't blame her. It smells terrible.

This was her outfit from Sunday. I thought it was so cute. I am pretty sure it is from my Aunt Christy. Thanks so much! My favorite so far I think!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jonas Helping Out

Jonas has been pretty cute the last couple of days. He has been a great big brother! Every Friday we go to my friend's house to clean it. On the way home from cleaning yesterday he was just chatting away with Tinzley. I could not here what he was saying but he was telling her about the drive. Then I heard her babbling back to him. It is moments like that make a hard day worth it. I also know that I am suppose to stay home with them to enjoy moments like that.

Jonas and I also went to Wal Mart that night. He LOVES pumpkins so we got two little ones. One for him and one for Tinzley. Not only did he carry them all the way home but the minute we got home he rushed over to Tinzley to show her the pumpkin, "Tinzley, this pumpkin is for you!" Priceless!

Jonas and Tinzley and their pumpkins

This morning Jonas woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He woke up CRABBY!!!! So, I snuck out and went to JoAnn Fabrics for a couple of hours. Someone might not have made it if I didnt!
When I got home we all ate lunch. I got Tinzley up and fed her cereal and sweet potatoes. I then was trying to get her to hold her own bottle with little success. Jonas went over and wiped her mouth with her burp cloth and then started feeding her her bottle. Again, priceless!
So cute!
Times like that I forget how awful he can be sometimes.
Tinzley just loves her big brother. It is going to be fun to watch these two grow up. Right now it is so nice!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

4 months old and some yoga!

For Jann! WAR EAGLE!

Tinzley is now 4 months old. Jonas is going to turn 3 in less than a month. I am starting to feel the time slipping away. We were watching old video of Jonas and I almost started crying. He is just getting so big.
Anyways, here are some pics from the last few days.
Watching Aladdin together.
Tinzley enjoying the Bumbo we borrowed from a friend!
Tinzley attempting to hold her bottle ( She is not crying, she was talking to the bottle)

Jonas doing some Yoga

Monday, September 7, 2009

We have been so busy this week. We went out every night but one in the last 7 days. We are looking forward to staying home this week and relaxing at home.

We are very thankful for all of our family and friends that we have made down here. We are truly blessed by all the people in our lives. Thanks to all of you who make our lives so special!

On a side note, I took myself off of my medicine, "happy pills", and have really been struggling. We do not have insurance so I did not want to burden our family with having to pay for a doctor's appointment and a prescription. I am incredibly frustrated with myself for being so weak and for being so impatient, not understanding my children's needs, and crying sometimes for no reason. Losing my job last year really took a toll on me and I do not think I have fully come to grips with it. I think about it a lot and wonder what I should have done differently. I also think about the incredible opportunity I have being able to stay at home with my beautiful children. I am really so lucky and it is amazing to me how forgetful I can be and how I can be so ungrateful.
For those of you who read this and know me please say a prayer for me. I do not like asking for help, as most of you would know who really know me, but I need it. I need to know that what I am doing is the right thing. That I can be a good mom and a good wife and not make my family feel bad. When your child tells you he just wants you to be happy again, well it makes my heart break that I can have that effect on my children. Also, I am really struggling with making true friends down here. I have let some people get the best of me and I am really struggling to not be angry with them and myself.
I also apologize if you are reading this and are thoroughly confused. I am tired, frustrated, and wanting to be happy for my wonderful life God has given me.
I pray for all of you and hope that whatever comes your way makes you happy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weight and Measurement

We had a WIC appointment this morning. We qualified so that is good news. I was excited also because both of my kids got weighed and measured. I do not know why that is so exciting but it is.

Tinzley (almost 4 months)

Weight 14 1/2 lbs

Height 24 1/2 inches long

Jonas (almost 3 years old)

Weight 32 lbs

Height 37 inches tall

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Three Year Old Pics/Three Month Pics

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Late nights!

We have been so busy! Monday we had to take the Matrix in for an oil change so we ended up taking Tom to work. I went from there to get Tinzley's three month pics (almost 4 months really) at our friend, Andrea's house. (Thank you Andrea!) Tinzley did so great. I think the pics will be super cute. I am hoping to post some tomorrow!

We then went to our friends, Kim and Jacob's house for dinner Monday night. Jonas had the time of his life. Kim and Jacob have a dog named Trigger. Jonas played outside with Trigger non stop for almost 2 hours. We got home so late! (9:30, really?)

Tuesday Jonas and I stayed busy cleaning out the garage. We also cleaned out his room and I am starting to work on putting together a garage sale. We need to seriously get rid of all of our junk! It is starting to pile up! They tired out Jonas and I.
I was suppose to have a house party for Usborne at my friend, Jodi's house but no one wanted/couldn't come. So we just went over there for dinner and Jonas again had the time of his life. He loves getting out of the house and loves going to houses where they have dogs. Poor guy he loves dogs and we are not getting one!

Today the three of us made our weekly trip to the library. Jonas actually participated in the singing and dancing part. We are moving up in the world. He loves listening to the stories. After that we went to Staples and Lowes. I really want to do some small repairs around the house but we just do not have the money for it. Who knew changing door knobs and sink faucets was so expensive?

I cannot wait to post pictures tomorrow of Tinzley and Jonas.

Here is a video of Tinzley. I thought I should start video taping her too! :)
Jonas actually started recording this video before I was ready. It is amazing how tech savvy he is already. The video is kind of long but she rolls from her back to her side. About 5 min after I stopped recording she rolled over completely from her back to her belly. Of course!