Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday Night

We got a lot of cleaning done yesterday with both of us home.  Jonas had a lot of fun with Tom in the garage organizing all of my school stuff.

Tinzley seemed to sleep the day away yesterday.  She is still sleeping pretty well.  She is just not that exciting at this point.  She eats, sleeps, is awake for a little while, goes back to sleep and then eats again.  Pretty normal newborn baby stuff.  I am ready for some smiles and coos to come out of her but now I have to settle for the little smiles that she does right before she goes to sleep.  

She has not had her first appointment yet.  I cannot wait until next Monday for her first appointment to find out how much she has grown.  I hate not knowing how much she weighs.  I know she is growing but it is good to have proof.  

Jonas is becoming a challenge at times.  He does not like to hear he cannot do something or the word NO.  That is all typical two year old stuff but I think it has gotten worse with Tinzley's arrival.  He has a rough time during church.  He just doesnt want to sit and be quiet.  I cannot imagine why not!

We made it to church this morning and we made it through church.  Jonas was pretty good but did have to get taken out.  Tinzley did not make it through class so I had to take her to the nursery where the baby class is and there were lots of babies to keep her occupied.  I think they were all crying and she was not.  She will be there sooner or later.

She slept okay last night.  It was the first night we had to get up twice with her.  She slept in three hour shifts.  Which was okay because she would eat and go back down pretty easily.