Friday, May 29, 2009

Three Weeks Old

It does not seem like three weeks have passed.  At the same time it feels like she should be crawling by now.  She is still sleeping well, eating well, and for the most part a content baby.  We have truly been blessed.  I keep praying that it will stay this way.  

I have decided to stay home for at least a year.  I hope that this is the right decision but right now it feels right.  I feel like I am suppose to raise my kids this year at least.  We will see where this leads us.  I have not completely given up on teaching but I do not know if it is what I want to do anymore.  I look forward to watching my kids grow this year.  It will be interesting.

We went to the library this morning and Tinzley slept the whole time.  We also stopped by Babies R Us to buy some formula, Thanks Julie!  


Ryla said...

she is just so cute!!