Monday, June 1, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

We had our first Doctor's appointment today.  Tinzley did well but did not like all the poking and prodding.  She weighs 8lbs and 13 oz.  She is 21.5 inches long.  The doctor seemed happy with how she is growing and everything seems good.  

We had our first really rough night with Tinzley.  I put her to bed like normal at 8:30.  She woke up at 9:15 and would not go back down.  She did not want a bottle, she did not want to sleep.  She was just awake.  Finally, after Tom and I traded her back and forth, I brought her in the bed to sleep with us around 11:30.  She slept okay in the bed but I did not get very good sleep.  I am afraid we may have another tummy sleeper.  I am just praying this was a one night thing.  She has done so well for three weeks.  

I know this is all normal newborn baby stuff but I really want to have a good attitude about staying home and taking care of the kids.  This will all start to get hard if I do not get good sleep.  I have learned I do not function well on no sleep.  I start yelling and screaming and crying for no reason at all.  We do not want that to happen!  :)

I am praying for a peaceful, restful night for all!  


Ryla said...

it is so funny that she is now as big as judson when he was born!! i am glad she is growing, she is just a sweet little girl. i will pray that she gets back to her old schedule, once you get used to sleeping again it is hard when it gets interrupted.

Grant said...

Lack of sleep is insidious and destructive! It builds and builds until you cry and scream, which is insidious in and of itself, since this eventually causes other people to cry and scream. Best wishes for a peaceful nights!