Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zoo Trip

Tinzley had a better night last night than the night before but still she is not wanting to go down.  I finally put her on her tummy and patted her to sleep.  She slept about 3 hours and then went back to sleep and slept another 4.  So not a bad night, but not great either.  

We had a play date to go to the zoo today with some friends.  We had such a fun time walking around and looking at the animals.  Tinzley slept for most of the walk around the zoo.  We headed over to the children's zoo part where there is water fountains to play in.  Jonas LOVED it.  We have tried to go before and play in the water but he was never a fan but not today.  I was so glad he did not throw a fit when we left.  He took it pretty well.  I did not get a lot of pictures because my camera's batteries were practically dead.  I did get a few.


Ryla said...

I am glad that the zoo was fun!!