Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I took Jonas and Tinzley to storytime this morning at the Pelham library.  I really want to start going every Wednesday so that Jonas can get used to it.  He was not into the standing, singing, and wiggling but he did enjoy listening to the story, snack, and the bean bags.  He is a work in progress to not make him like his dad.  I love you, Tom but I dont want our child to be afraid of being silly with other kids!!!!  :)

We then headed over to our friend and neighbor, Catherine's house.  She was nice enough to let us barge in on her and just hang out for a couple hours.  

Both of my children woke up around 5:30 this morning.  This did not make me too happy to start my day.  Tinzley has now been sleeping most of the day which worries me that she has gotten her nights and days mixed up.  I really hope not because that was awful when Jonas had his nights and days mixed up.  I did not know after almost 4 weeks this could still happen!

Tinzley also, I think, is going to be a tummy sleeper.  She sleeps on her side most of the time but to get her to go to bed that first part of the night I have been putting her on her tummy.  We had to do this with Jonas so it does not make me as nervous as it did with him but I was hoping to not have to resort to that.  Oh well!  She slept 5 hours last night and then only 2 but we will keep working on it!


Ryla said...

I am sure the library will get better! He has to much of his mother in hi! :)