Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Day

We had a very eventful day today!  We desperately needed to go to the grocery store.  Tom and I had not had time to go together with the whole family so I decided to brave it alone.  Tinzley slept the whole night last night, 10 hours!  So I decided she would probably be okay to go.  She was awake and pretty much content the whole time.  Jonas was a big help jumping off and on the cart trying to get stuff to put in the cart.  :)  He really was not that bad but he did keep jumping off and on the cart.  So we survived, got everything on our list, got home and got it all put away!  Success!

Then I had a friend ask us to the pool today.  I was really nervous about taking the two kiddos by myself.  We ended up stopping by the library dropping our books off and heading over to the pool.  We got there and Tinzley woke up so I attempted to put her to sleep while Jonas was ready for the pool.  She slept a little bit outside but I was afraid she was getting too hot so I put her inside and she slept just a little bit more and then it was time to eat.  I fed her while Jonas swam around like a fish with our friends.  He then got totally freaked out by a bug in the water and when I say freaking out, I mean screaming his lungs out.  So silly, that boy.  After that it all went down hill.  Tinzley was fussy, Jonas was scared of the bugs in the water and all I wanted to do was relax by the pool.

Well, we left pretty soon after that and now they are both taking well deserved naps!

I do not know when I will try the pool again on my own.  


Ryla said...

Sorry the pool did not end up the best but I am glad that grocery shopping went well. I hope they both took good naps and that you were able to relax too, bummer it was not by the pool though!