Monday, June 8, 2009

One Month Old

It has been one month since Tinzley was born.  So much has happened and it feels like it has gone by so fast.

Tinzley is sleeping through the night sometimes, which is nice.  She only gets up once a night when she does wake up.  I have seen some smiles coming out of her so I am super excited about that.  She has taken to a pacifier but only sometimes.  She does not enjoy eating as much as her brother did.  When she is done eating, she is done.  She does not cry a whole lot except when in the car seat.  She does not enjoy getting in her car seat either.  She gets anxious when her brother is running around screaming.  She enjoys watching everything that is going on around her.  She really likes to listen to music.  I love rocking with her and singing to her because she seems to be so calm when I do this.  She seems, according to Tom, to prefer her Mom.  She seems to calm instantly when I take her from him when she is upset.  I am excited to see how she continues to grow and change.  I have pictures but my camera died so I am waiting for the batteries to charge.

We are off to a friend's house today to play in their pool.  Should be fun!


Ryla said...

One month old!! WOW!! I hope you had a great time swimming today!!

Phifer Family said...

Jonas loves the water!