Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine

I wanted to give a special tribute to Tom, my one and only Valentine, because I feel like he never gets mentioned on this thing.  So we started dating in May of 2002.  It was the summer after my freshman year of college.  I knew I had liked him since we got back from Christmas break.  Being who I am I told him right away.  He did not share my feelings.  In his words (he hates this story, by the way) were "he was not physically attracted to me" (see why he does not like it?)  :)  Well, that was not enough for me to go away.  I think I became even more persistent.  Which I would not recommend because it just turned him off more.  We became best friends though.  Since I had already told him I liked him I pretty much had no trouble telling him anything else.  We hung out all the time.  He borrowed my car all the time.  We went on walks, talked on the phone for hours..... okay we pretty much were dating besides the whole kissing and holding hands part.  I just thought he was the one.  I thought he was the one because he was so honest with me.  He would sit and listen to me blab on and on, which those of you who know me know how much I can talk, forever.  He just was the first person in my life who was so honest and I knew I could trust him.
He lived in a house with 3-4 guys.  I absolutely LOVED hanging out at his house.  We played pool, watched movies, talked, listened to music.  I got to be pretty good friends with everyone who lived there.   All the guys he lived with thought he was crazy, who wouldn't right?  :)
So I decided to stay in York for the summer.  A big reason was Tom.  I have to admit it, lame right?  I just could not give it up.  Another big reason was I had a great opportunity to make some pretty good money that summer.  It makes me laugh now because I made a whole 7 dollars an hour as assistant manager at the movie theater.
Anyways, everyone was leaving to go home for the summer.  Tom had a decision to make.  See, he liked my friend Katie.  I was putting the pressure on pretty thick that we should just try dating.  She was leaving I was staying.  Easy decision right?  Well, he decided to try it.  It was the best month of my life.  Then he went off to camp and decided it was too much for him.  I liked him way more than he liked me and the relationship felt uneven.  WHAT?  :)
So I backed off.  I told him if he wanted to hang out with me he knew where to find me.  Let's just say I was fed up.
So, that is all it took.  Then I had him.  HAHAHAHA (evil laugh)
Honestly though that is what it took.  The fear of losing me as a friend made him realize how much he loved me.  :)
The rest is history.  We were married that next August.  Three years later we had Jonas and then three years after him we had Tinzley.  We have a lot of ups and downs but one thing has always stayed the same.  Tom is always honest.  :)  I always know he will tell me the truth and I can trust him with how I feel.  It is so amazing to have married my best friend, well my boy best friend :).

I love you Tom, with all of my heart.  Thank you for everything you do for our family!


Nancy said...

"Love Comes Softly" Happy Valentines Day KP & Tom
Dad & Mom

Ryla said...

You are such a sweet wife to brag about your huband publicly, even though he does not like the story.