Thursday, January 28, 2010

No pics, No news, just busy

I have not been on here in awhile and I feel bad but we have just been SO busy this week.  We have not stayed home any day this week except for today.  Hence having the time to blog today.
 Starting on Sunday Tinzley had a runny nose, a cough, and a little bit of a fever.  That being said she was acting completely normal.  This is the first time I was worried about her being sick.  I did not think we needed to go to the doctor though.  With all of that said yesterday I felt the first bit of a tooth coming through.  So she is getting teeth which is what I was suspecting but did not want to say anything.  Jonas did not get teeth until 10 months so for us she is early.
So today she was still having the runny nose and the cough and so I tortured her for  a bit to get a look and a feel of her gums and I am pretty sure she is getting her other bottom tooth.  ( I should have mentioned it was on the bottom, aren't the first teeth always on the bottom?)
So, like I said we have been pretty busy.  Jonas is pretty busy I should say.  He had a play date on Monday, Ladies Bible Class on Tuesday (where he gets to go play in the nursery, which he LOVES), story time on Wednesday morning and then another play date after that.  Today we are just staying home so I can clean and catch up on laundry.  Tomorrow is the day of work for me.  I go to clean my friend's house every other Friday for a little money.  I just found out to, that I picked up another house to clean on the other Fridays.  This is good because we have a big trip coming in April and need all the help we can get saving up for it.  Thankfully, the hotel is already paid for.  :)
Well, I fell as though I am just rambling.  I hope everyone else is having a good week!  Sorry no pictures today!


Ryla said...

Teething can be such a pain!! Judson has his first cold/sickness. It is so hard to know what to do, but he has not had a fever at all so I have not taken him to the doctor. I thought it was just teeth, but I am now thinking that it is more than that! I hope you had a relaxing day at home, even though that can be just as busy with all the things to get done around the house!!