Monday, January 11, 2010

8 months!

I cannot believe Tinzley is now 8 months old.  It just seems to be going by so fast.  It also sounds like I say that every month  but it is so true!  This is what Tinzley is doing now.
She weighs about 18 pounds
She is getting into anything and everything that is around her
She wants to crawl, scoot, move in some way SO BAD
She can move backwards which is more of a slide on her tummy
She can scoot on her bottom when sitting up
She finds any little thing left on the floor that she really does not need to find
She says mama, baba, and sometimes lala just started doing this about two weeks ago (everyone says she says dada too but I have yet to hear it :) )
She also just started screaming, happy screams.  She has definitely found her voice
She LOVES Jonas, anything and everything he does
She has this little fake laugh that she does which cracks us all up. "HuHuHuHu"
She cries if you take a toy away
She 'throws a fit' when she sees her bottle and you do not give it to her right away or if you take something she wants away
She loves to 'play' with Jonas and sit and watch him play
She still loves to jump and play in her exersaucers
She is a very happy baby.  She loves people and if you smile at her she will smile right back
She just started waving at people when we leave.
She wears 9 month clothes, even though we sometimes squeeze her into 3-6, or 6 month clothes.  :)
She will be crawling soon, she hopes anyway!  :)


Ryla said...

so cute. I love these pictures. she is getting so big!! love the sweater she is wearing too, very stylish!!