Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know it is a little late...

I have seen so many blogs posting about goals and resolutions because of the New Year and everything so I was trying to figure out some goals I had for myself.  I have never been a person to make New Year's resolutions because I am the type that if I put my mind to something I am going to do it no matter if I make a resolution or not.  I also have always HATED making goals for myself.  Do you remember school, pretty much elementary to college?  What goals do you have for the school year, what goals do you have for your life, what do you want to accomplish in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.  I absolutely hated thinking about that stuff, making up stuff, writing all of that down.  I do not know why but I did.  One big reason I guess I have never made a New Year's resolution.  With all of that said, I have had such a crazy year with losing my job, having my second child, deciding to be a stay at home mom, planning meals 2 weeks in advance, planning things for our church group, finding anyone who will hang out with me and my kids during the week, going on mini vacations (Destin, Arizona, Chicago, Wisconsin, which to me really is NOT a vacation but anyways), cleaning houses for money, babysitting, making friends, losing friends, etc.  I feel it is time to set goals for myself and really decide what it is I want to do with my life.  I hated losing my job.  I thought I would teach for 25 years and then retire and sub, travel the country with Tom, sounds great right?  Well, that was taken from me.  But as much as I do not understand about why I lost my job or what I am suppose to be doing, I feel I have been given this AMAZING gift.  I get to watch my kids grow up everyday.  I get to hear the crazy things that Jonas thinks or does.  The beautiful, contagious smile Tinzley gives constantly and hearing her say mamamama, for the first time.  This is all a gift.  So what to do with such an amazing gift?  I have really had to reset my priorities.  I love to shop, I love to spend money, I love to go places and do things.  That is hard when you are living on one income.  But if I went back to work I would still not be able to go and do because I would be stuck working.  What is a girl to do?  (I am sure you are thinking, ramble on and on on her blog?)  So, here is what I want in no particular order
1. Find out what I really WANT to do with my life (career wise, job, school, etc)
2. Find my relationship with God and what he truly wants from my life
3. Watch my kids grow up and be the best Mom I can be, be more patient, understanding, work on my communication, my temper, really be there for my kids no matter what.
4.  Want for nothing material, I want any part of materialism anymore
5. Be an understanding and supportive wife, be patient, and a good listener.
6. Be loved by my kids and husband
7. Have a better relationship with my brothers
8. Be a better friend and find true friends that are here for me no matter what, no strings attached
9. Start a journal and stick to it
10. Read the bible everyday, pray everyday, and really work on my walk with GOD
This is just a few things I can think of right now.  I really want to work on my self so that I can be those things for everyone else.
If you are reading this I want to say I love each and every one of you!  You are all a part of my life for a reason.  You all also have made me who I am today.  Thank you!
Here are the best reasons I have for doing what I said.



Lindsey said...

Hey, Love you too. And Zoey Belle has that same outfit that Tinzley has on except her's is light pink. So cute and cuddly.

You know where your true friends are, and we wish you were here with us.

Nancy said...