Friday, January 15, 2010

Bump on the head :(

Last night while Tom and I were both in the kitchen and had Tinzley on the counter she took a little spill to the floor.  Mom and Dad of the year award anyone?  She is fine but just has a big bruise on her forehead.  She seems to be acting pretty much normal just a little bit more cranky, understandably, but I felt horrible.  She is definitely not sitting still anymore.

(What a goober)
I also took some pics of her today because I loved her outfit and I love taking pics of both of my kids.  Tinzley just tends to be a little more cooperative.  :)


Emily said...

Glad she seems to be okay. I'm just waiting for the day Olivia face-plants since I know it's inevitable.

Ryla said...

the last pic is my fave!!! do not worry about her head, Judson already had had three black eyes by that age!! It is all a part of moving!!