Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Day

So yesterday we had plans to go over to a friend's house but I woke up to find out plans had changed.  I was a little bummed because we had not gotten out of the house the day before and we had not had time with friends in awhile.  So being the savvy mom I am I went for plan B.  We had another friend that had wanted to hang out but we had already made plans, since those plans were a wash we told them we were available.  We met up with them at the Galleria.  Jonas had so much fun playing his friend Ayla, and I had a great time having an adult conversation with my friend, Andrea!  Tinzley had fun staring and smiling at Paxton.  :)  Fun for everyone.
We went and ate lunch at the food court and Jonas and Ayla had such a great time waving at all the kids on the carousel.  We then took a tour around the Disney store and Ayla got a Dalmation at Build A Bear.  Jonas has never been to Build A Bear and he did such a great job helping Ayla.  He was really good about not getting an animal too.  I told him we could do it someday when Daddy was with us.  Daddy would not want to miss out on such an opportunity.  :)
So then we went home and had our naps.
We then got a call from our friends the Yaegers, who we had our earlier plans with that day, who wanted to join us for dinner.  I said sure, the more the merrier.  So, with not really any idea what to do for 7 plus people I was rushing around the kitchen and finally decided to make Lasagna!  It was a big hit and we had such a good time visiting and the kids had a BLAST running around and playing together.  After the Yaegers left we were in Jonas' room playing and propped Tinzley up to hold onto Jonas' bed.  She held herself up really well.  She is not really into taking any steps yet but held herself for a good 5-10 min.  Enough time for me to get a few pics.

We had just the perfect day!  Good friends, Good food, and Good times with our family!


Ryla said...

What a busy but great day!! I am so happy for you!! Tinzley looks so big standing up!! Sit her back down!! I am just kidding!!

Nancy said...

She is getting so big! She will probably be walking when we see her next.