Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

Summer is officially here! 
We have been SO very busy swimming, hanging with friends, going to see the animals, playing in the fountains, running, and all sorts of things.
We have been to the zoo, the pool, and the children museum just this week.  Crazy!

This past Sunday I had asked for prayers for patience with Jonas.  I think some people thought I was joking but this is NO joke.  He really has caused me to question myself as a mother.  I was questioning my motives, how I discipline, how I yell, what I say, how I say it, etc.  It is not even that he is bad, really, it is just devious, negative, LOUD, and disrespectful.  He refuses to LISTEN.  He runs away from me in Wal Mart, at church, everywhere.  I am really afraid he will get hurt.  Anyways, I was TRULY at my wits end.  I still am sometimes but it has gotten better.  So I had asked for prayers and they were answered on Monday and Tuesday.  I had the most precious little three year old in my house those two days.  He has not gone away completely but a little bit of that other kid has seeped in the past few days.  I really have been trying to be more patient.  I also have been avoiding spanking or yelling.  Sometimes I have to yell because he still has a hard time listening.

Tinzley on the other hand has been so great.  She is just so funny.  I know she will be more of a handful someday but for right now I am enjoying every second I have of a relaxed chilled kid.  Example of this was yesterday.  We went to the pool with some great friends, who are moving and I am so sad, and she sat in a lounge chair by us two moms for over an hour eating her snack and watching all the kids splish splash in the pool.  I love that she just wants to lay out and relax. That is my kind of kid!

Here are some pics of Tinzley in her pigtails and then what happens when you take them out.  I love it!


Ryla said...

LOVE YOUR LIFE!!! Okay I am a bit jealous really!! I am so glad that you are able to get out and do so many great things! I am sorry that J is hard on you, but you are a GREAT mom, always remember that!! Glad he has been a bit better though! I love those pictures of T, love the pigtails and the cute dress!!

Lindsey said...

Jonas and Hadley are probably partners in crime. They might be co-conspirators from long distance. You are an awesome mom. I know your pain. Love you!

The Nill Family said...

I am sure you are a great mom! I totally know your pain. . .for real! Rob came home everyday two weeks ago, to me almost in tears. I felt like a horrible mom, he was so sassy and said no all the time. I don't think I got him to do anything that whole week. I am glad Jonas is being better for you. You are a great mom and you do such fun things with your children, they will have great memories when they are older. Oh and I love Tinzley's dresses and hair do's!!!