Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pics

It was a fun but VERY busy weekend.  We went to the Easter Egg Hunt in town and were in rain.  It did not stop us from having some fun though.  Jonas warmed up enough to take one slide down the inflatable slide.  He also got to get eggs for himself and Tinzley.  It was fun but we were ready to go after collecting our eggs.  We were SOAKED!

We came home and changed.  We ate a little snack and we were heading out again.  We have been promising Jonas for weeks that we would take him to this Railroad club in town.  It is only open on Saturday from 10-2 and it is about 30 min away.  We made the journey over and it was worth it just for Jonas' face while watching the model trains go around and around. 
That night we dyed Easter eggs.  Tinzley even helped by crushing an egg that had not quite boiled enough.  Nice....
Today we got all dressed up in our coordinating Easter clothes and went to church.  We also got to go out to eat at a very fancy place, Wendy's.  We went with friends and the kids had a great time.
Jonas and Paw Paw went to the park this afternoon for an hour a half.  Then naps were needed for all!


Ryla said...

looks like it was such a great day!!!