Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy but blessed

I have been super busy this week.  I have been watching two extra kids for a friend of ours from church.  She has a 3 1/2 year old girl and a 20 month old little boy.  It has been different because we have been pretty much stuck at the house.  We do not have a car that will hold all 4 car seats legally.  :)
It is a HUGE blessing though because of the extra money that I am making because of it.
I have also been busy planning for a very small get together for Tinzley's birthday.  Her birthday falls on a Saturday so I thought it would be appropriate to have a cook out and invite a few friends over.  It has been hard to get a head count because most people are not available that weekend.  Mother's day weekend might be a tough weekend to have a birthday.  :)
Here are some pics from our last couple weeks.  Having 4 kids in the house is making me reevaluate the want for anymore kids.  :)  Although these kids make it pretty easy.


Ryla said...

you have been busy!! but remember if you have more kids the age range will be there, right now you have 4 that are all very close together in age! I am so excited for you about T's b-day, it will be fun for you to celebrate for sure!!