Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Day #2

It was an even prettier day today than yesterday!  We went to the Hoover library for their story time today and I let Jonas pick out some new train books.  Tinzley LOVED story time.  She was so cute when they did the bean bag song.  She sat there with her bean bag bouncing and shaking.  SO CUTE.  I tried to get a picture but I should have been taking video.
We then picked up lunch at Chick Fil A and went to the park to eat and play and ENJOY the outdoors.  Jonas loves playing on the playground and we have plenty of parks around here to keep us busy.  Tinzley just likes eating the dirt.  :)
We then came home and continued to play outside.  Tinzley loved swinging and took her first ride around the yard in the wagon.  We are about to settle down for naps... Ahhh my favorite time of day.  I may go out side and enjoy the day some more!


Ryla said...

She is getting so big!! Love the pictures of her!!