Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Late nights!

We have been so busy! Monday we had to take the Matrix in for an oil change so we ended up taking Tom to work. I went from there to get Tinzley's three month pics (almost 4 months really) at our friend, Andrea's house. (Thank you Andrea!) Tinzley did so great. I think the pics will be super cute. I am hoping to post some tomorrow!

We then went to our friends, Kim and Jacob's house for dinner Monday night. Jonas had the time of his life. Kim and Jacob have a dog named Trigger. Jonas played outside with Trigger non stop for almost 2 hours. We got home so late! (9:30, really?)

Tuesday Jonas and I stayed busy cleaning out the garage. We also cleaned out his room and I am starting to work on putting together a garage sale. We need to seriously get rid of all of our junk! It is starting to pile up! They tired out Jonas and I.
I was suppose to have a house party for Usborne at my friend, Jodi's house but no one wanted/couldn't come. So we just went over there for dinner and Jonas again had the time of his life. He loves getting out of the house and loves going to houses where they have dogs. Poor guy he loves dogs and we are not getting one!

Today the three of us made our weekly trip to the library. Jonas actually participated in the singing and dancing part. We are moving up in the world. He loves listening to the stories. After that we went to Staples and Lowes. I really want to do some small repairs around the house but we just do not have the money for it. Who knew changing door knobs and sink faucets was so expensive?

I cannot wait to post pictures tomorrow of Tinzley and Jonas.

Here is a video of Tinzley. I thought I should start video taping her too! :)
Jonas actually started recording this video before I was ready. It is amazing how tech savvy he is already. The video is kind of long but she rolls from her back to her side. About 5 min after I stopped recording she rolled over completely from her back to her belly. Of course!


Ryla said...

You guys have been so much!! I hope that all the cleaning is going well. I know I need to do some, but just have been lazy!!
It is crazy how even the "little" things can cost so much. That is how Nate and I are feeling. We now have the time but of course not the money!