Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cuttin and Pastin

Jonas is in love with his scissors. Tonight he got the crazy idea he wanted to cut something. Tom kept trying to focus his energy on something else but it just was not happening. Finally Tom said why don't you get with Mom she is more crafty. Well, I put my teacher tools to work. I went online and found some halloween/pumpkin activities to print out. (Have I mentioned the boy LOVES pumpkins?)So I printed out a coloring page, a handwriting page, a pumpkin windsock, and a jack o lantern cut and paste. (Yes, I know, I am that cool) :)

So here are some pics of our cutting and pasting time. I will admit there was a little help in the cutting department but for not even being three yet he did pretty well. Who knew cutting was such hard work.

Jonas with his windsock, that he tried to put on his foot. I said it was a sock right? :)

Gluing all by himself. (Notice the mouth on the pumpkin)

Putting on the finishing touches
Finished Product. So proud.
(Now see where the mouth is, he had to fix it. OCD child here we come)


Ryla said...

what a great mom!! and I love that he tired to put in on his foot!!