Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday outfit/Haircut

I have not posted a real post in a week. Crazy I know! I just have not felt up to it. We have been pretty busy too. It is amazing how you can be so busy but not really do anything. I am sure I am thoroughly confusing some of you. It is just hard some times to look back at my week and realized I have not talked to any adults, really. It is also hard to take care of a family and not feel like anyone is taking care of you. Again, this is why I did not feel like posting. I am a downer right now huh?
I did want to post some pics of the kids though. I loved Tinzley's Sunday outfit last week. It was so me. I also gave Jonas a haircut against his will and that is SO much fun. Tinzley is also eating some puffs from the table now.


Jacqueline said...

Totally hear you on the no adult talk, and the feeling of caring, but not being cared for. Seems a week of feeling like that is followed by a week of total (good)craziness about her. Praying for you.... I am sure the two kid game is much more challenging!

Ryla said...

You are not a downer!! Just a truth teller!! I think Tinzly is eating puffs better than Judson. When he gets one to his mouth he acts like we gave him the worst food ever. He makes such a horrible face. I really need to get in on camera!!