Thursday, November 19, 2009

So busy!

We have been so busy!
Monday we had a great time at the Mom and Kid breakfast.  We get together about once a month to eat breakfast together and let the kids play.  This Monday we met at a park and it was a gorgeous day to eat together and play!
Tuesday was ladies bible class which has become my favorite time of the week.  Not only because it is time to study and learn from the inspiring women of our church but Jonas gets to play and Tinzley gets to play too.
This Tuesday we went to our friend Rachel's house for lunch and had a good  time there too.
Wednesday we headed to Ms. Christy's so I could watch her kiddos for her. This is where Jonas used to go to daycare.  This time there were 11 kids including mine.  It is a nice time for Jonas to get to play and for me to make some extra money!
Today we did not have anything planned but we ran out of diapers for Tinzley so we made an impromptu run to the grocery store and then headed over to some new friends house who just happen to live in Alabaster.  They have a little boy around Jonas' age and they love to play together!!
I also finally took some pictures of Tinzley in the bath.  It just happen to be the one time she was trying to crawl out!  Crazy!
We are so excited for next week and my parents coming.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tinzley 11/19/09 6 months

Jonas 3/4/07 5 months

Crazy huh?


Jacqueline said...

They're so sweet, Kortney! Glad you are surrounded by so many friends. What a blessing! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the family!

Lindsey said...

Jonas is seriously a really cute little boy. Just had to say it.
And that in no way means that Tinzley is not also adorable...because I could just bite her little cheeks.