Friday, October 30, 2009

Zoo trip!

We went to the zoo on Thursday with Jonas' friend Rylie (I hope I am spelling that right?) and her mom Stacey. We had so much fun. Both kids were great and Tinzley did an awesome job just hanging out in the stroller. I would say the highlight was when the Tiger started roaring when we walked by. Jonas told us that he was saying "oww". :)

Jonas is so excited for Halloween. We are praying for good weather because we are suppose to get rain. I told Tom I remember Trick or Treating in the snow so that I guess we should just be thankful it is warm and rainy. :)

Tinzley is getting so big. She is almost six months. She is eating a lot better. She is almost sitting up where you can leave her. (She does sit up but I am still too nervous to let her just sit up on her own anywhere). Jonas cannot leave her alone but as much as we yell at him about being gentle and being not so in her face, she smiles and laughs. She LOVES her big brother. She also is babbling a lot and loves her exersaucer. She stands straight up and down and it makes me wonder if she is going to walk before she crawls which I have seen no interest in moving while laying down.


Ryla said...

So much fun!!