Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jonas turns 3

Happy third birthday Jonas!
I know what you are thinking, a donut for breakfast? Yeah, but he also ate a banana :)
You just turned three. You are a delight to be around... most of the time :) You make your dad and me laugh all the time with the crazy and silly things you say. I love how you get so excited about friends coming over and when you see 'punkins'. I would say if you had to pick a best friend it would be Tess. Your favorite color changes but most of the time it is either green or yellow. You are almost fully potty trained. You have trouble remembering to go potty when you are so excited about playing. You try to do things by yourself but get frustrated very easily! You have yet to have any interest in dressing yourself or picking out your own clothes... which I am fine with right now but someday I hope you dress yourself. You always put your plate on the
counter when you are done eating and it is one of my favorite things you do! You like your
sister most of the time and SHE LOVES YOU!!! You go to sleep around 9 and wake up around 7:30. You take a nap most days and it lasts around 2 hours. You often ask Why, What you said?, You, want to do that?. I love when you tell me 'You are doing a great job'. You also pretends to talk to your Uncle David on the phone and you have only met him twice, when you were three months old and 15 months old. You know your shapes, your colors, some numbers and some letters. You can spell your name. You love ToyStory 1 and 2, Cars, and Aladdin. You often quote these movies which makes me so proud :) We love you and are ready for whatever you are up to next!

I do not have a ton of pictures from Jonas' birthday party but I will! Here are a few from his party and him playing with his toys.

He had a fantastic party. We had about 30 people here including us, kids, and adults. He had a great time playing outside with his friends. He was so excited about his cake and he did a great job blowing out his candles. It was after he blew out all of his candles and everyone clapped that he totally lost it. I have not decided if he was scared, embarrassed, or just could not handle all of the attention at once. He got over it and continued to enjoy having his friend over. We asked for no gifts so there was no big opening gifts ceremony but thank goodness since he cannot handle blowing out his candles in front of everyone :)

He was so good yesterday with no accidents and no fits. TODAY has been a completely different story. I am hoping it is just after party withdrawal.

We also have enjoyed my Mom being here. We got to go to a football game Friday night with Jonas and friends from church. She also was a HUGE help in party setup and take down. She is going to be helping me out a ton this week and then we are off to Arizona.


Ryla said...

Looks like it was a great time!! And I love the new family picture!!