Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guatemala Part Three

This is a picture from the third day of clinic.  Third day of clinic I was relieved from my vital duties and put in charge of Children's Activities.  This was so much fun but so tiring.  They are so active and busy.  They just cannot wait to see what else you have in your bag of tricks.  Every experience is a new one to them.  Jumping rope, blowing bubbles, playing frisbee for HOURS!  We played memory, they colored, we smiled and laughed at each other and tried to communicate as best we could.  Some of the boys even learned my name.  For some reason they found my name very funny.
After about 3-4 hours of playing with all the kids, and getting a burned forehead and nose, it was time to head up for lunch.  We ate lunch in their new church building that they are still in the process of finishing.  The guys helped paint the inside and outside of the building.  The people of this church each contributed money to help build it.  They are also all pitching in to help build and paint it.  It is amazing the way these people take care of each other and their community.  They contributed 1/3 of their annual income to help pay for the building of this church.  Truly remarkable how giving these people truly are.This is the outside of the church.
After lunch I headed in to the dental area to get out of the sun and to have a brand new experience.  This is where all the teeth pulling happens.  As anyone who knows me, knows I am not comfortable with blood and pain.  The most trouble I had was seeing the little kids sit in this big chair and be so brave while a dentist comes and looks around in their mouth.  I cried twice while in the dental area but I had no trouble washing the tools.  It did not bother me at all!

Future Dr. Banks pulling teeth!These are all the tools that the dentists use to pull the teeth.
After all the dental patients had been seen we had a little time to hang out and take some pictures.  Some of us climbed up on top of our bus just to check out the view.
The view from our last day of clinic was absolutely breathtaking!  My pictures just do not do it justice.  I loved the mountains and how the clouds came rolling in every day right over them.  It was amazing how high up we were!  
The next day was Sunday and we had a short devotional service and were able to commune with each other on the first day of the week.  After an exceptional singing and lesson from Brandon we went into the market.  I LOVED THE MARKET.  There are people EVERYWHERE.  Everyone is trying to sell you things 'for a special price'.  I heard that about everywhere we went!  I loved walking around and watching all of the people.  There was one guy who followed us around the entire time learning our names and really wanting to buy from him. (I eventually gave in)  I ended up getting Tinzley a dress, Jonas a bus, and Tom a ring.  I bought myself a skirt, my Mom a yellow apple, and a couple of scarves.  
I cannot say enough about my experience.  I cannot say enough about the people I met, the people I spent time with, and the people that put up with me on this trip.  It truly was an experience of a lifetime.  I hope that I am forever changed.  I know that I have learned the value of patience.  Already I have been faced with traffic, long lines, and I really have tried to remember the people that waited all day to see a doctor or dentist.  These people will go with me everywhere.  I know that life will get in the way and I will forget some of the lessons I learned but this will always be a part of my life now.  These people will forever be with me wherever I go. Thank you so much to Kayla (STOP IT, my other brain, Are we there yet? BEST FRIEND FOREVER), Theresa (one of the sweetest ladies I know), Dee (for putting up with my singing), Carol (for making me laugh and cry), Colin (for always making me laugh and being a great Christian Man), Nicholas Nickleby (for letting me call you that all week and for all of your hard work), Danielle (for having such a great attitude and a smile that lights up a room), and Taylor (for being such a great listener and a great friend)


Jacqueline said...

What an amazing experience. I've enjoyed reading all of your posts about it. It's been a blessing to hear about God working in you & in Guatamala! So glad you got to have this time.