Thursday, December 10, 2009

Laying Down The Law!

Jonas is now three and 2 months.  I am still waiting for him to want to dress himself, pick out his own clothes, help set the table, put on socks and shoes, etc.  I am one of those people that do things very quickly so it always has just been easier for me to dress him and be done in 2 min.  Well, this morning since we had time and we were not going anywhere I thought I would enforce the pick out your own clothes and put them on yourself.  This all started about 5 til 9:00.  Here I sit at 9:36 and we are FINALLY done!
It took him 15 min just to pick out the clothes.  Now in his defense his chest of drawers is very tall.  I had already warned him he was going to have to get his stool.  I told him he needed underwear, pants, and a shirt.  Not hard right?  After saying that 5 times.  I finally went in his room.  He had at least opened a drawer but claimed he could not reach.  I said just grab a pair of underwear.  He got it no problem.  Then I told him to grab a shirt, again no problem.  A pair of pants, no problem.  So then we had to undress and redress.  He did this all on his own as I watched.  (oh, you CAN do it?)  So the last thing was socks.  THAT was fun!  But he did it, 90% on his own.  SUCCESS!  Now I just know if I want him to do it I have to plan for about 30-45 min of frustration on both parts.  It does get easier right?
I also have to praise his clothing choice.  It all matches!  :)

In other news.  I think Tinzley is going to be on the move soon!  Hopefully, our house, Jonas, and me can handle it!  :)


Ryla said...

Good job Jonas!! There are a lot of grown men out there that can not pick out their own clothes!:)