Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing Outside and Inside

We have been busy busy!
I was at the beach this past weekend with my friends from work. It was so nice to get away for the weekend with no kids! I had such a nice and relaxing time reading on the beach, and swimming in the ocean! The weather was absolutely perfect. I forgot my camera so I have no pictures.

I had the moms from church who stay home over on Monday morning for breakfast. It was such a great time to hang out and let the kids play. I hope we can make it a monthly get together. In total we had 7 moms and 12 kids. It was a lot of people but so much fun for all.

We also have been able to get outside more since the weather has cooled off a little. Tinzley is testing out her swing outside and she has fallen asleep in it two nights in a row. She must like it. Here are some pictures of the kids playing inside and out.


Ryla said...

that is so great that she loves her swing!! i am sure that it helps so you can be outside with both of the kids!